What do I say to my daughters?

In many ways, this is much harder for me to write, in that I am not a woman and can never fully understand.  It’s easy to have tough love from father to son.  But as a father, I want to protect my daughters like a lion protects the pride. Continue reading “What do I say to my daughters?”

preach it, brother!

Oh man, so many thoughts in my head and I can’t talk to anyone anymore!  I have some questions, first for me because I am the worst, but to all of us. Continue reading “preach it, brother!”


like butterflies keep buzzing round my head…  Play the whole song, sound on!

So I have been pretty down in the last couple posts and generally not motivated to post.  I had a plan to write about my son, my visit to Hopkins, assisted suicide again…

Well, I’m not gonna.  I’m gonna have a sandwich! Continue reading “Distractions…”