img_3730I really like the Lively!  She’s brilliant!  But, through my own ignorance I hamstrung her capabilities.  But I think we are more in tune now!

I love manual transmission cars, and I wanted the Lively to have that same flair, so I ordered a replica Lamborghini knob, img_3758then had a second one made, one wood, one aluminum.img_3734-1  And they are gorgeous and I want to have them on my sports cars and if it fits anyone’s car I’ll give it to you! I regret nothing, as it feels great on the EV and the permobil.  And looks awesome too!

But what I didn’t take into account was my ALS.  You know, the reason I am in a chair?  I am finding it harder to move my arms, and the shift knob requires more gross motor movement.


So, this week I switched back to the old boring plastic knob and I hang my head in shame…img_3714-1

Or DO I?!?!

For Real.

You see, I went on the Internet, and I found this The custom wheelchair world is divided into two big realms, the outdoors and the do everything.  If you go the outdoors route, you will probably get a TankChair or something similar, with treads, and it won’t really fit in the house.  If you go with do everything, you will probably be modifying a chair you already have, and if you are serious about it, you will probably come to find Wheelchairdriver.com.  I did!  But in the forums I saw this guy Will who was building his own, and had a company that made joystick knobs!


So a few emails back and forth and I have a NEW joystick knob for Lively, smaller this time to allow for more finger control.  And a custom engraving on the top, which I will talk about in another less happy post.  This is basically a mini me of the other knob!

img_3808Rock on!

3 thoughts on “Whoops!”

  1. Yeah! I knew you were sad you didn’t have the control but wanted that “look.” I’m glad you found a compromise. You are great at researching and finding the answers!


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