Do you know what today is, Reader-land?

Ok, before I get to the punchline, just know that as I write this, I am laughing hysterically.  And now…

You are not allowed to read this post without playing the video.  Play the video, let it run in the background.

Welcome to my brain!

I’m laughing because when this song came out, I had no idea who the band was, or anything. I think I only heard the song one time, but God has gifted me the ability to remember the stupidest things far longer than important things.

Thanks to that gift, I have a very unique take on life, the universe, and everything.

And for one whole year, you have been traveling along with me!  I believe it is fair to say, my brain is a strange place.  Maybe not as strange as those guys hats in the video, nor as strange as spelling Tony so many ways, but strange enough to remember!

I wanted to share what it’s all like, going through this encounter with ALS, this rendezvous with death.  There are a lot of dark spots, but there are far more bright spots, and if you are reading this, then you know!  The other obvious aspect is that it is liberating to only have to worry about death, so I’ll say the unsullied truth and my honest opinion.

Here’s to another year of rants, jokes, obscure music and movie references, Dad jokes, alcohol, falls, Races, and encountering my Faith.  I am honored that you are sharing it with me, Reader-land!  Thank you!

2 thoughts on “Do you know what today is, Reader-land?”

  1. Joe–we are the ones honored that YOU share yourself with all of us!
    I did exactly what you said and let it play as I read and cracked up. It helped that I had no idea where this was this was going–nice touch and very funny.
    Again, Thank-you for sharing! you’re awesome (PS so is Mel )

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