and to top it off, we got a puppy!

Well,  Reader-land, it’s been a rough couple weeks.  Between the NY law, the VA attempted infanticide law, the ALS clinic fiasco, and the “bacon incident”, we’ve been a busy family.  And I have unexpected Reader-land additions due to my pink haired hero.

To top it off, we got a puppy.

Sadie the Cavachon.  I don’t know what that means, exactly, outside of a non-shedding, small dog that just wants to be around people.  Mel told me this breed is used as therapy dogs at Walter Reed, and if it’s good enough for them… img_3938

Let me explain why, to the uninitiated.

Animals are amazing companions.  Dogs, cats, even hedgehogs I hear, although don’t snuggle your hedgehogs, there is a salmonella risk?  My sweet neighbor Rebecca has a horse, a fine companion.  The founder of my seminary school talked about how noble horses are, how they feel and understand at a higher level than some other animals.  (His experience was riding horses to get to his parishes in remote areas of Ecuador.) img_3934

Well, I can’t really have a horse, and besides, Lively would get jealous.  But my family needed something…  Boom, a therapy dog. img_3939

In reality, she is here for the family and not really me.  When I am gone, most likely she will be around to comfort any sorrow at home.  If I outlive her, then I am doing pretty well, yeah?  Animals have a way of taking you out of yourself, and helping children grow in compassion and learning about stewardship of God’s creation.  They are different than children, they are their own beings.  And they can be so darn cuddly!  And I love the love my children give her… And the names!

I can’t really hold her, cause my arms don’t work, but I get small opportunities, and really I would like a friend to just sit and hang out with me, quietly.  Zoe the cat sometimes does but… So yeah, no complaints so far.  Now, if she chews through my bipap, I will have a complaint!

I hope she provides comfort for my family, and happy memories after I am gone, I know the comfort pets can bring in times of trial.51736377_10157286533988258_8781010110676729856_n

Michaela, thank you for telling Mel about your dog, and Mel, Good Choice!

What, not every post is going to be a deep thought!  Next, I’m going to write about race car livery!

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