Racing season!

Ladies and Gentlemen of Reader-land, I give you one of my hobbies that I waste my time with.  Open wheel, single seater racing, from Formula 1 to go-karts.  It’s that time again!

Let me preface by pointing out that there is race #3 in the Formula E season, and my own EV would be a fantastic brand ambassador for the series or a team, I’m just pointing it out in case anyone wants the publicity and a sweet job for me.  I love Formula E, but they don’t have the broadcasts right yet, nor have they figured out how to sell the team to the public.  When you see a Formula E race, there isn’t much to tie you to a team.  Even the American teams, Dragon and BMW Andretti, aren’t approachable or accessible to the hoi polloi.  At Formula 1, the teams are less accessible but they go out of their way to get you to cheer for the team with swag or a tie to the people.

I’ll still watch both, but someone could hire me to help raise the popularity.

Formula 1, or F1, has a trend of revealing the new car in the weeks before preseason image (1)testing after the winter break.  It’s always exciting to see what new sponsors are on the car, and if they changed their paint scheme, or livery.  This year the American team changed up a lot, going to black, gold, and silver.  Stealth.

But my team is Williams, and this year their contract with Martini racing ended, so they needed new livery.  Much had been discussed online about what they should do, including yours truly weighing in on Navy and white, because I like those colors.  But they had a red sponsor… And Ferrari is red, so having two red cars would be… Unfortunate.

They blew all that away, this year, bucked the suggestions and went aggressive and bold.  I like it, what do you think? image

Of course, now I need new team gear.  But the Williams Martini flag stays! image (2)

I should tell you that my favorite team finished in last place last year, so they feel they have a lot to prove and make up.  I will be a hopeless case every race believing that they will win, and start to unseat the big three teams.

Have I told you why else I like them?  They have a leadership role in spinal injury research, they have a sister company that focuses on engineering, batteries, carbon fiber, prosthetics, even a revolutionary energy saving cooling system for grocery stores called airfoil.  They have a family business, they have a great story that I have shared aerofoil-Thumbelsewhere and I would love to work for them, if they weren’t based in England and me in America, and this whole I’m a historian with ALS and not an engineer thing.

The cool thing is, in the engineering company, I’ve been in touch with someone for over a year, sharing the journey of Lively and hoping to spark interest in someone bringing it to market.  She doesn’t have to write back, but of all the corporations and companies that I wrote, she has stayed in touch.  That’s awesome, and I am loyal to people like that. BAENov18thumb

So, what do you think of the new livery?  Will you join me in cheering for racing season?  Preferably, cheering for Mini Tyrell here in stock car models but Williams in F1? image (3)

Don’t worry, I’m sure I’ll have serious posts again soon enough.  Right now I’m trying to remember that life is for living, too.  It’s not just about being angry online.

Lastly, we have a Lively update.


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