Right to Try

Let me tell you, the Internet is an evil place.  Just look around, people are incredibly rude to each other, and no one listens.  But let me tell you a story about people who didn’t let the internet get them down.

Last year a bill was passed into law enabling terminally ill patients to petition for experimental or trial drugs that may help their illness.  In particular, it enabled people who didn’t meet the criteria for participating in the trial.  I’ll use my brother in arms Matt Bellina as an example, he didn’t meet the criteria for the drug trial I was in for NurOwn.  Right to Try or RTT enabled him to maybe get access to a drug that could prolong his life and improve his symptoms.

Well, the Internet went berserk.  How could a patient know if it would help him?  The patient will get scammed by snake oil salesmen.  Vile stuff!  And you know what?  Those people on the Internet saying this stuff, they don’t give a damn if a person has a chance at life.  They’d rather people die than have that chance.  In an aside, it’s telling that RTT passed under a non-Democrat Congress, while Democratic states are introducing bills for assisted suicide, or expand access to assisted suicide.

Well, Reader-land, Matt didn’t quit based on the Internet.  He helped push the bill, and it passed. And now, I’m so proud to say that he’s been able to participate in RTT, and he’s received the NurOwn drug that he was ineligible to be in the trial for.  And you know what else?  NurOwn is working.

Take that, internet trolls!

He’s making progress enough to post workouts on Facebook.  He notes an improvement after two infusions.  Combine that with others having improvements in the drug trials and it is fantastic news!  Maybe a real hope for people with ALS! And no need to push to kill them off, I mean assisted suicide.

Well, I bring all this up to ask for prayers, because I’m going to try it too.  We got a contact with the FDA to help me navigate RTT, and we are going to ask about it.  We need prayers, and frankly, I hated the infusions, but if I live and Improved, I think it is worth it.

I talked about miracles in the other post, but I am specifically talking about the fact that this option came up after praying for healing.  So, yeah, I’m believing I need to try!

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