Frivolous request

Reader-land, I’m worn out.  To balance my mental exhaustion, I’m going to reach out and ask your help for something silly.

Lively has no horn.  All powerchairs now have a horn that makes a very small beep, a sort mousey cry for help to get people’s attention.  They are terrible, like most modern powerchairs.

But, I have nothing and getting people’s attention after the healing service was Impossible.  Do you think people noticed me trying to move?  No.  I’m probably now in the category of Ferrari owners for whom no one ever feels sorry. download

That led me to think, I need a horn.

Oh, but I don’t want a beep, not even a loud one.  I don’t want a car horn either, that is too loud.  No, I want a programmable sound board, so I can have many sounds at the push of buttons.  Watch these two videos .

They use a fixed system and a huge amplifier.  I would like something that I could have on the Lively or the yet unnamed permobil. I’d be happy if it was integrated into my battery, but Would be fine with a battery pack or rechargeable battery.

It would need to fit around this area 

Why am I asking for help?  I have no fine motor control, nor any soldering tools, etc.  I found this other product series that would do the same, but again I need help to solder and stuff.  download

So, someone in Reader-land who has this skill, can you help me?  If you can build this for me, based around the sound fx board from adafruit like they talked about in the videos, and can make it rechargeable and reprogrammable like the one in the link, can you get in touch with me, and I will supply all materials!?  I know it’s frivolous.  But it is fun, and you can’t take away joy from me!  Imagine hearing the sound of a TIE fighter as I zip by, or a pleasant r2d2 chirp to ask to please move! Or Formula 1 V10 sounds?  You would laugh, and the children would think it was awesome, and that is a world I want to live in!

Directly reach me through the contact page, and I will need a list of materials and an address to ship to!

Thank you!

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