Red pilled on Society


Originally, this was going to be a venting session, but I am changing to address the real issues.

I think the world is upside down.  There are people out there saying up is down and black is white and everything is OK unless you think differently than me.  I have had enough with the vile, coarse, disgusting language and actions from the pro-abortion side, as I see heroes bravely stepping up.  The utter dishonesty of pro-abortion advocates jumping from one logical fallacy to the next, all because they refuse to be honest.  Then their logical contortions open the door to many other issues they cry, “you can’t use the slippery slope argument!!”

In a more polite society, duels would have happened for far less.  I think we should bring dueling back, to force every asshole who disrespects people for no reason to back their statements.  But of course, in today’s society, using a meme on Twitter will get you banned for hate speech.  And safe spaces y’all!!download (1)

I am subjected to suicide questionnaires every doctor visit, while politicians want to enable my doctors to help me kill myself.  I seriously have to combat feeling like I should just give up, and assisted suicide fails by one vote in MD?  And is legal in many other places?  Why put me through that pain?

On top of this is the underlying belief that one life is more valuable than another.  Karl Marx has infiltrated every aspect of our society.  The Hegellian emphasis on different values of peoples!  If you think this isn’t happening, you aren’t paying attention!

I design a cheaper wheelchair, and the big companies won’t build it because it is too expensive.  They would get less subsidy money.  I can’t explain it to you, how it feels to KNOW the world is effing WRONG, so wrong, and the madness that comes from not being able to explain it.

To top it off, I’m trapped in my head.   To communicate verbally now I need a translator, and my head to be in the right position.  My brain works faster than my computer, and conversations move on faster than I can type any responses.  All this leads to a Don Quixote scenario, where the man’s brains dry up, but in the end, he was saner than anyone. 2c06a0f109efbc2bb324f8b14823297b--tilting-at-windmills-don-quixote

This just proves how easy it is to sin even when you are trapped in a chair.  I am incredibly worn out, and the world grows crazier by the day, and I no longer have the strength to put up with it, and Lou Gehrig’s.  I’m feeling sorry for myself and I can’t physically talk about it, because I can’t talk.  I don’t know what the answer is, just to keep on.

Once you take the red pill though, there is no turning back, you see the world as it really is.  You can’t hide your face and say I didn’t know!  You have to keep reaching and speaking truth.

I’ll try to distract myself with lighter topics.

2 thoughts on “Red pilled on Society”

  1. Praying for you now Joe. Your honest posts are the best ones. Well, they are all honest, but you know what I mean! Now I am craving garlic bread 🙂


  2. Joe,

    Praying for you every day. Your whole family is I know. We are putting you in that paten every single day. Jesus is very close to you and Mel. You are both amazing. Humbled to know you both.


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