2 thoughts on “Life lessons over thirty”

  1. Oh LOL!!!
    So many of my patients get the tube feeds. I quickly learned that if you mix Miralax with liquid antiacid, you get a tube feed volcano. What that means is that the fresh sheets you placed under a full care patient are now soiled, as is your scrubs, and the patient is laughing their ass off at you! It’s hard to get that tube feed smell off clothing too. One of my most memorable alcohol-down-feeding-tube stories was with a man on comfort care. His family was so amazing and told me stories galore about my patient (who I only met as unconscious after a cardiac arrest). When we pull a breathing tube, the oral feeding tube goes with it. Before we did this, we knew his favorite treat was a shot of Patron, which laid in the bed next to him. So we totally put that shot down the tube and then pulled. He had the most peaceful death with this grin on his face as if we had read his mind and honored hi is final wish. This story is not to be grim, rather to share my best memory about shots down the tube!!


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