Well… Ask me anything

I get to see my family at Sunday mass most weeks, as well as some friends I don’t see often enough, like Will W, Raf and Vianney, good people, good people. They remind me that I can’t talk, and I need to blog and email more

My sister commented that I was, more upbeat, which is good because I feel like a curmudgeon.  That’s a fun word, you should use it more often! download

The truth is, I’m just channeling my inner late late night talk show host.  No, not Leno or Letterman, I mean the actual funny ones.  That’s right, this blog is a late show and you, Reader-land, are the captive audience.  Muahahahahahahahahahahahaha… *cough*

But, in reality, I always love to find humor in everything.  Otherwise, you end up as a troll on the Internet.

So this week comes more construction in the house, and I won’t have a queue of posts for you.  Instead, comment on this post if you have any questions you might ask. Anything appropriate, I mean, looking at you Darmin!  I’ll tally them up and respond Saturday.

Any other blogs will be a bonus!

3 thoughts on “Well… Ask me anything”

  1. If you could go back and write a letter to your ten year old self what you say, what advice would you give your ten year old self ?


  2. What are your Top 10 favorite songs of all-time, other than “Africa” by Toto (as we all know it is THE greatest song of all-time)?


  3. How did you discern your vocation? I know that you originally thought you had one calling, but then discerned to be a father, husband, uncle, etc. How did you hear God speaking to you? Also, do you have any life advice for anybody?


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