A wistful interlude

Before I got sick, I wanted to get into flying RC planes.

There’s this great website called Flite Test that is both wholesome and adventurous, and they inspired me to try.  Then they showed me this thing called FPV, first-person view, flying with goggles as if you were in the airplane.  Take a look at this video, sound on, because the music is awesome.  I tried to find what song it was but to no avail.

The camera is remotely controlled by the goggles, and is on gimbals!  So if you turn your head, the camera turns to.  Isn’t that awesome!?!?  I wanted to do that.

But life gets in the way, career goals shifted and I never got started.  But the music stuck in my head, the crescendo of piano and strings blending to create emotional responses, and the dream of flying without a big loud Boeing surrounding you, that is pretty awesome.

So enjoy the video in this interlude!  Go check out that company, and maybe expand your world into something impractical yet awesome! editor_images_1539937074724-Warthog.gif


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