Whoa, I have got to share this!

I am in the doldrums, and it is ok!  Because apparently my mind is going like a champ!  I might need a medical advisor to give me a little advice…

Ok, let me set the stage.  I have trouble breathing especially at night.  So I lie a specific way to maximize airflow, but I wake up, a lot, because of hip and leg pain.  So I am pretty restless and probably really annoying to Mel who wakes up worrying about me.  So you would think I am not rested, right?

Man, I gotta tell you that my REM dreams are AMAZING!

download (5)Early this morning I fell back asleep and I dreamed of a world with fairies, giant monsters, beautiful big trees, and wonderful quests.  All in 4k definition, too.  It’s nothing I had seen before in TV or games or anything, so my brain was just going hyper, apparently.  The fairies weren’t cartoonish, they were like big hummingbirds, but without the fast wings.  And the big trees were like the big old growth in ye Olde Englande.

download (6)
Welcome to Sherwood! 

And when I say giant monsters, I don’t mean like, big cave troll, I mean like so big that I can fit in the gaps of the teeth.  And the horns!  It was reptilian, it seemed, but like no other monster I’ve seen.


So basically my dream was Peter Pan meets Tolkien meets Avatar meets Jurassic Park meets Robin Hood. download (4)

While awesome, I am kinda concerned that this is because of oxygen deprivation.  Can someone help me out?

download (3)

4 thoughts on “Whoa, I have got to share this!”

  1. WOW! I don’t know what any of it means (I’m sure you’re surprised). But sounds like the making of a great book. those monsters are clearly not your typical R.O.U.S.


  2. *or reptiles of unusual size either 😲

    Oh wow–sounds so much more beautiful and dramatic than the average dream! So interesting!

    will certainly be praying that you have more restful sleep 🙏🙏🙏


  3. Hi Joe do you have a CPAP machine? Can help keep your airways open and you can “bleed” in some oxygen. Its non-invasive, so no artificial airways. Put on bia mask or nasal “pillow.”


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