Well, I was live blogging

But then something terrible happened.  Here’s my weekend update.

To start, I would like to recommend a webcomic to you all which I enjoy immensely.  It’s called Atomic Robo, and it is a brilliant action comic with historical fiction woven in, and science and a lot of theoretical science, and violence. Not too gory, I don’t think, but violence.  And the good part is there’s none of the normal inappropriate stuff that other comics have, and I have read a lot of comics.  I don’t even think there’s cussing.  And there also are intense looks at what it means to be human.  Which makes the hero a lot more real than batman or superman.

We went to my sister in law s house yesterday, and were surprised by a birthday celebration for me, Kate, and Mel!  It was lovely!  They had balloons and made beautiful signs and got Barbecue, twas lovely.  We brought the Tobii so I could communicate, but I don’t have an attachment for Lively yet, so we had to set it up on a table.  It also was the longest I have been away from the house at one time since being wheelchair stuck, and while we were able to get everything done alright, it still was more difficult than normal.  I think it’s safe to say I am not going on any trips unless it will be for infusions.

At the table, which Andy built, we were able to chat about this and that, the kids were out doing the slip and slide, I was explaining how the Tobii works.  Lila and Maddie were impressed by the eye typing.  I’m a cool uncle to some kids!

It was after lunch.  Colleen, of course, couldn’t understand the very masculine voice I have set on the Tobii, so like a weirdo she wanted me to put on a woman’s voice, of course she could understand that!  Then everything got weird, she started talking about medical pot, and how I should be eligible.  I think she is trying to tell me to mellow out, or get me arrested, I’m not sure.  I joked about how I was live blogging the day for everyone, starting at 104, and I was having a great time.  Anyway, we’d been talking for a while, and my right arm was getting hot and uncomfortable, so I tried to move it off my armrest.

At that same moment, Colleen got up on the table and started dancing!

Just kidding.  No, what happened was my hand got stuck and was pushing forward on the joystick. Lively hit into the table and everything started moving, quickly.  I can’t talk, or move, so I can’t tell people what is going on.  There were loud screams, panicked jumping away from chairs, a broken table, and a lot of shaken nerves.  Oh, and I feel horrible for breaking their table!  No one was hurt, just my pride.  And I only realized this as I’m typing, which is more proof of how not good I am, but my Guardian Angel moved my hand off the joystick, because I didn’t and I don’t think anyone else did.  If he hadn’t, I would have pushed the table into the porch doors and probably broken them too.  So thank God for Guardian Angels!

To be honest that kinda ruined the day for me.  I love my family, but the lengths they have to go through to accommodate me, and then the utter chaos I accidentally create is quite heavy on my conscience.  I am super grateful for the love and company but I can’t help knowing what a pain it is.  And I am like a child, I can’t even fix the things I break!!  At least I didn’t go through the wall, there’s that.

Overall the party was awesome, and it makes me emotional.  Aside from the huge event, it was a perfect day.

We got home in time to say a family rosary, and I give everyone showers, and to bed.  I was exhausted.  And my everything hurts.

3 thoughts on “Well, I was live blogging”

  1. I can’t say I know how you feel, because I don’t. What I can say is that if your family is anything like mine, they’re thinking themselves blessed to have you around, even if a table was damaged. Furniture can be replaced. People can’t.


  2. Joe… you just kicked the party up a notch and made an enjoyable party one for the books! I seriously wished I was there to see Colleen’s reaction. We will remember that story for years not because the table broke but for the reactions it elicited. It was great to hear you laughing yesterday. Don’t let silly little things like that get you down – id be willing to offer up any piece of furniture if it provides that kind of comic relief and good memories.
    Love ya!


  3. Joe, this post cracked me up! I can’t stop laughing! You know I just can’t hold back when it comes to parties. And dancing. Ha! I was going back through old posts and this one gave me a much needed laugh! I say we get together this week and break some more tables. You in? 😊

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