Pray for my Mom

IMG_0310I haven’t had time to say much, but on this feast of the Assumption of Mary, right now, my mom is having brain surgery.

She’s getting all the liberal removed.

It kept making her dizzy and nauseous, and even lost an hour of memory!

All kidding aside, she has a tumor and they are doing literal brain surgery to remove it.

I love my mom.  She has always been in my life and had a very strong influence on it. I’m just now learning that she picked my confirmation name, and all this time I thought I did!  My family may say that mom forced me to go to Shoreless Lake school, too, but that one was all me.  I have many stories. I will share one, as I think it apropos.

We used to get weekend phone calls in Spain.  I remember being so frustrated that mom would call and give me correction, what I called dial-a-lecture.  You see, the school would tell mom how bad I had been! I didn’t know it at the time. Because I was fifteen and soooooo smart!  Well, it’s apropos because now I sit by Tobii and lecture my own children!

It’s of course different for a man, because we go off and have our own family and usually grow closer to the wife’s family.  And we have our own way of raising families, and ways that are different from how we were raised.  When that point happens,  we take on the patriarchal role.  But for mothers, they are always your mother.  In fact they carry a part of you in them, from when we were in the womb.  This can cause friction and I won’t lie and say that I chafe sometimes at always being a mother’s baby.  But I’m realizing, in the male way, how important it is and how unique.  There is no person on earth who has the relationship with you than the woman who carried you.  Moms are Moms, and you can’t really replace that biological link.

So when my mom is in surgery, yeah, I worry and pray.  Even if I am a father and head of household, she’s still Mom.  And I love her!

UPDATE.  She is out. We’ll know how successful it was if she only speaks in church Latin.

Kidding. They got all the tumor but she’s not awake yet.

4 thoughts on “Pray for my Mom”

  1. Taking and sharing this quote from you if you don’t mind:

    There is no person on earth who has the relationship with you than the woman who carried you.

    So true.


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