Holy hour finish!

This Sunday we had another holy hour to mark the closing of the 54 day rosary novena!  And the place was packed, again!

Responsible parents kept at home because it was a school night.

But not me!  I stayed up late and so did my children!  Ten o’clock!  And I went to bed at ten-thirty.  I’m tired.  But it was worth it.

such great parenting! 

One, I got to share heaven briefly with friends and family.  And if I had died in that hour, I would have been happy!

Two, afterwards I got to talk to family and friends.  Well, they talked and I grunted.  And did my weird laugh.  I think I sound a little bit like a small moose when I laugh, which is extra funny to me because some of my old teammates would call a coffee run moosejaw.  Then I would play the sound.  Because everything can be funny if we aren’t so dang uptight!

Third, there were some really special people there who are going through much worse than I am.  They are walking miracles, and I will fight you to the death about that!  To you, you know who are, thank you so much,   I’m praying for you right back!  I mean, I wrote about angels, but some people live by their angel.  It is a sign that God has plans for them, which is brilliant. rosary weapon

Fourth, I learned stuff!  Did you know that they make shower chairs for MEN?!?!  They do!  It’s a miracle, and I am grateful to have learned that!

So on top of all this off, my mother couldn’t attend, due to being worn out by early mass and such.  However, as much as she denies it, mom is a tech addict!  That’s right, I get it from mom.  She was on FaceTime the whole time!  Can you believe that?  It’s like the low budget EWTN we are putting on here!  Next time someone says that technology is evil, remember that it is how you use it!  In this case, for good.  Sneaky, Mom, sneaky.  You might have gotten away with it if I hadn’t heard harmony when we were singing! (I’m kidding!)

I’d also like to especially thank Wes, Rachel, and most especially their daughter Charlotte, who had the faith to suggest the rosary in the first place!  She was there too, staying up late, praying for someone she barely knows!  She’s become my prayer buddy.  And to Mary who was a prime mover for the novena, and Mr. Grimberg and Mrs. Carroll for letting us use the chapel!

There are some seriously hard hitters, I’m so blessed to be a part of this community.  Thank you all!

5 thoughts on “Holy hour finish!”

  1. Thanks Joe.. It was indeed a grace filled evening. Angels filled the chapel and together we gave glory to God for the gift of Joe!


  2. That moose laugh gave me a chuckle. I remember breaking my collarbone maybe Junior year and it hurt so bad to laugh that my laugh forever changed. Now it sounds like a Guinea pig. 🙂 Praying for you now.


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