I’m still here!

Daily conversations 

I mean, maybe soon, but not yet. I will post more this weekend.

My death was…greatly exaggerated

4 thoughts on “I’m still here!”

  1. Joe, I’m not even sure where to begin. I’ve been following your blogs for a long time, ever since your sister Jessica told me about you, and your blogs. This is my first comment, it’s been too long coming. I am a former neighbor of Jess and Joe’s (sorry, Joey), remain friends with Jess even though we moved away more than 6 years ago. I have been deeply touched and affected by more than a few of your writings. I really feel like I “get” you, your humor, your amazing capacity to write about your feelings and fears, and yes, even your joys. Your love for your family is beautiful. You and your whole family, including extended, are in my prayers and thoughts often. Your blogs lately, when you’ve written about feeling trapped in your body and your inability to convey your speech, needs and desires, goes right to my core. I’m sure you don’t want pity, but I am saddened by the crummy hand you’ve been dealt. Oh my goodness, life is sometimes unfair. But you already know that. You do inspire me and help me get outside of myself when I read your blogs. I will continue to pray for you all, and please keep writing.


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