Thank you, Reader-land

This week has been rough, and thanks to your prayers and the support of Melanie and Jack responding to my every need, I’m still alive!

It’s opened huge doors though.  Doors to talk about death and life and what I still need to do before it happens.  That means funeral arrangements, medical wishes, and personal letters.  And confession.

I’m not being morbid, I am facing reality.

I’ll write a longer post later. I just wanted to thank you all for your prayers and support. You kept us going!

4 thoughts on “Thank you, Reader-land”

  1. Hi Joe. I look at it this way. If Joe doesn’t get to heaven, none of us will. You are special in your unwavering devotion to Our Lord and to your family. This is so evident in your writings.

    I see a strong man (yes, a strong one) who loves the Lord and loves his family enough to suffer ALS with the dignity of a saint. I see a man who is also humble enough to say the words, “I’m scared”; someone humble and realistic enough to know what living on earth is and is not. I have not known you since you were a little whipper snapper back in the ’90’s. You were a darling little boy. You sure got my attention again. God bless you!

    You might know that I lost my husband about the time I met your family. I had children at home then. (God puts people in our lives on purpose)!!! To me, this means do not worry about Melanie and the children. God takes care of all the needs. I want you to know that Melanie and the children will manage fine whenever the good Lord takes you from our earthly presence. My guess is that you will be “up there” with the other great dads and you will have a big role to play in carrying out heavenly support for your family.

    God knows us. He loves us. Stay strong and focused. Know that those of us here in the trenches are praying for you everyday.

    Much love to you and your family,
    Pat Reese Peters.

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