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Elaine asked, “I have a special request. Could you share with us a happy thought, image, meditation or memory that you turn to for comfort in times of distress? Or is there a protocol that you follow at such times to recapture your composure and peace of mind?”

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Seriously, when I am stressed, or in pain or afraid of my sins (because I fear hell and I know my sins), generally I panic and get an upset stomach, and try to adjust to get rid of the pain.  The tears come because I know I keep doing the same sin.  And I definitely don’t have a method to rely on.  It’s very situational.

Usually, I am in this state for a while.  But each situation is a different response.

If I wake up at night, I say my morning offering.  I might fall asleep and have to finish it when I wake next. I’ve got so many people to pray for that I want to use my day, usually sufferings, as a prayer.

If I am at the computer, generally I grunt and moan.  And if I am feeling bad I YouTube the rosary with scripture.

I think that the closest thing I have is to look at a crucifix, and compare what I’m dealing with to what Jesus suffered, and I back down.  I once read the medical description of what happens in a crucifixion, and I sag away in horror and shame, with a resolution to offer it up, at least until the next one comes.

The face of Jesus is another.  And then if I can’t focus, the Jesus prayer.


2 thoughts on “Reader question”

  1. Thinking about crucifixion is my way too. I often stare at Him and my own sorrows don’t seem that bad.
    Thanks for sharing these thoughts, Joe. You are in my prayers—I was going to say constantly but that’s a lie—when I think of you, I pray for you. When I finger that crucifix at the end of my rosary, I think of you, that’s when I pray for you. God bless you.


  2. Thank you, Joe. Such a tease! Your answer was far from “No.” Using one’s day as a prayer resonates best with me. I’m grateful for so many other options.


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