Mr. Dramatical!

Mel nicknamed me that, and for obvious reasons.  Despite massive stage fright, I was BORN for the theater!!!

Now, when you say it in your head, it’s to be in a sing-song tone.  Maybe Mel can demonstrate for you.  Only Mel can do it right.

I earned the name because of my flair -and dare I say panache- that I brought to everyday events.  Mess up a recipe?  Lament how awful it is.  Forget to do something?  End of the world.  Must arrive early or else we are late.  And oh my goodness, slight injuries… Well, they require the emergency room.  Didn’t I tell yall about the whole vasovagal response that makes me faint?  Drama.

So let it be proclaimed that my children inherited theater from me, and I have a flair for the dramatic.

Case in point, this entry.  I’m typing this out with my right ring finger on the left mouse button, using my legs to rotate my chair until the cursor is on the correct selection.  It’s incredibly slow and tiring, but asking for help moving my head to use my eyes would be inconveniencing.  Plus, I have postnasal drip which chokes me, and I can be all dramatic about that!

I’m very serious.  I panic about snot in my throat.

Why am I oversharing, you ask? Well, Reader-land, I’ll tell you.

I needed to write something humorous, something that didn’t have anything to do with anything because I have a lot of serious thoughts and problems, not the least of which are my head and snot.  I wanted to just be silly.

3 thoughts on “Mr. Dramatical!”

  1. Hey Mr. Dra—ma—ti-caaaaal (this is my lame attempt to make it look sing-songy) I loved your post—not your post nasal, just your post. I’m hoping you’re taking every known nasal dry up spray and tablet already if you can. According to Chesterton, whom I greatly admire, it is much more difficult to take things lightly than to take them seriously, so bonus points for you today, congratulations, dude. Holy distractions, I was gonna add Batman, cuz that almost fit there—humorous distractions, we’ll you know what they say, laughter is the best medicine, even if you can’t really laugh, you can be laughing on the inside, right? Prayers continue, keep up the high spirits.

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  2. Hey Joe, Loved your Post. I appreciate that you want to be funny as you have many other thoughts. I just wanted to share with you that when I was 15 I drowned. I had the the whole death and seeing God experience. All I can explain is I felt so much love and peace. I knew I was about to see God. In the end I was brought back and I was a bit depressed for awhile being back. It was just so beautiul with God and that all the suffering you are going through now will only make the love that much stronger. Greg and I continue to pray for you and Mel and the kids. Love and prayers Kathy and Greg Sweeney

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