Shower adventures!

TMI alert.

Previously, I told you about the Nutcracker.  Well, it’s been difficult to get me in and out, so it was time for an upgrade.

It should be said that shower chairs are not designed for people who have no muscle control.  The seatback is vertical, the seat is too shallow, the only way I can sit is slumped over, head dangling on my chest, struggling to breathe.  So after a lot of frustration for Mel, we upgraded.

I still have a post about the bathroom remodel, but I don’t have pictures.  That one has an earworm for sure!  We upgraded, and there are ramps now.  So Mel transferred me to the new chair with wheels and tilt feature and headrest and off we went!

Did you believe that, Reader-land?  I hope you know me now.  First, the new chair! SB3T-011-3

The wheels lock for transferring, it’s got armrests and it tilts back with a headrest!  It’s a huge upgrade.  But I did have some problems…

Problem the first is that the seat is too deep!  I can’t get to the back, so I was slumping in this chair too.  And when Mel tried to move me back, the whole chair moved!  I believe there is a way to lower the seat…

Problem the second was the headrest, which was angled funny.

Problems three and four go together. The footrests were set up too high.  A not normal angle… And did you notice the large void in the seat?  It’s quite drafty, and frankly, I was terrified of having an accident, if you know what I mean.  I’m serious, the way I was positioned made it extremely dangerous, for the floor and for myself, because would have killed me on the spot!

Basically, I was in a position that is ideal for what one of the greatest unicorn commercials sold. squatty-potty-hed-2015

I’m trying not to give TMI but these are the kind of stories you won’t get on other blogs!  I am keeping it real!

I spent the whole shower trying to hold myself up and not be slumped in the chair.  My muscles cramped and I am still sore.  But I also didn’t have any accidents!

So there are a few bugs to fix, but hopefully we can address them and laugh.  Because we are laughing!

3 thoughts on “Shower adventures!”

  1. Joe, you are hilarious. This is honestly the funniest story of a shower chair incident I’ve ever heard! (And FYI I’m a nurse) I do have a question for you though. Are you clean? Do you smell good enough for Mel to kiss ya? Cuz really that’s the important thing.


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