Amazing people, humbling moments

The blessing of ALS is being able to see true characters of people, their goodness and generosity.  So I will share with you all what I got to experience today.

I recently recommended my brother-in-law to go to my mechanic at Convenience Car Care, (recommended to me by my other brother-in-law), and he struck up a conversation with the owner Timmy about the EV project.  Timmy told him to get me in touch to chat about it, and after a couple emails and Facebook chats, Joe and I went to see him at his new shop today, with Jack and Robert in tow.

A little background on Timmy – he’s been working with cars since the late 80s.  He knows his way around all kinds of cars, including custom cars, hot rods, rally cars, Porsche, Audi, classic cars… I could go on.  He races or used to race himself.  His 13yo son, Mini, races late model stock cars but got started with go-karts.  Also, Mini has his own charity affiliated with Jeff Gordon – Mini’s Mission, “Burn rubber to help another!”, raising funds to help children with cancer.  Mini started that charity when he was 6.  Timmy’s wife works occasionally in the shop.  And he’s a genuinely nice guy – raising his kid right and running an honest, quality shop.

Today he sat Joe and me down and started calling people – battery guys, seat guys, harness guys… making things happen by just knowing who to call and being a good man.  We were floored, and I was humbled because of his desire to help us for nothing but trying to help!!  Timmy has also dealt with the same frustration with the healthcare racket – he built/repaired chairs for his dad, his sister-in-law, he’s worked on accessible vans, and dealt with the racket of “certified” techs and shops that deal with the medical equipment.  When he started saying this, I heard angels singing… Someone who sees it like me!!!

Timmy and Jack Zwill be talking because they speak the same kind of expertise.  But he sent us to OG Racing to get a seat and harness, then had it shipped down.  He gave us a tour of his new shop, and all during the time when he was also running a 15 bay shop!!  With every one full!!!

I want everyone to go to his shop for all your car needs, aside from him helping me, he runs a quality repair shop and it’s where I bring our cars.  And if you can’t get to his shop, see about donations to Mini’s Mission!  And prayers for them all!


Rally car!
Manassas’ finest
Get ’em started young!



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