Car guys are awesome

Last post I talked about Convenience Car Care, and how awesome they and Timmy Tyrrell are.  Well, I want to expand on that a little bit and talk about car guys, and the automobile mentality.  Because, yeah!

firstcarCars – hyperregulated pieces of machinery and electronics used for conveyance from A to B, a symbol of freedom and independence for young men and women alike, a status symbol, a tool, a sanctuary, a home, a personality, a loved one, a friend, an enemy.

What happened, man?  Where’s the antichrist?

Cars, and to a lesser extent, bicycles, are all these things to many people.


As such, they are huge commodities and allow for great expressions of individuality.  You could get the Corvette, the Mustang, symbols of American muscle.  You could get a Corolla, a Civic, or some other symbol of practicality.  Then there are pickup trucks and SUVs.  There is also a luxurious German car, like an Audi.  What about an Italian supercar, a Ferrari or a Lamborghini?  So many different types.

Which brings me into why car guys are awesome.  See, one of the things that all cars have in common is that they can be worked on.  Cars are able to be customized, modified, repaired, and enjoyed, and the minds that do this kind of work are the ingenuity that drove the car to be invented in the first place.  If I could, at this point in my life, I would work on my own car.  I can’t, and there is an awesome mechanic I go to that I trust, and who is super kind.  I’ve also found this guy on youtube that works on his own cars including a Lambo, a Mercedes, etc.tavarish_lambo

So the car guy mentality also applies to other fields – in my case, Electric Vehicles/Wheelchairs.  why shouldn’t I be able to work on my own chair?  Why should I have to wait for a certified repairman to fix my chair and “Set it up properly”?  They don’t allow us to edit the programming or adjust controls like we aren’t trustworthy to work on it.  Well listen, pal: we didn’t win WWII waiting for a certified Jeep repairman to repair the Jeeps!  No, we build cars in our garages and spit axle grease, chew headgaskets, and eat torque and horsepower for breakfast!kIt0QTY-600x744

Oh, I’m getting into this.  So, this guy, Tavarish, also agrees with me (well at least I think he does) on the ability to work on your own vehicles.  And I think that the wheelchair/EV market should work the same.

Jack Z built this mustang.  AT HOME!

There are dudes programming robots out there with open source code, self-driving robots, but heaven forbid I buy the interface to modify the settings on my Permobil.  And you know what?  The car guy aspect comes into play in that we can do it.  I don’t need to make an appointment with the dealer, I can fix it myself.  Or Jack or Timmy can, or Andy or Joey can, or Tavarish can.  I think it’s a mindset that helped make America great and advanced our tech development to the top.


Case in point, the new Ford GT.  Developed by a bunch of Ford dudes in off times, till they brought the finished concept to big Ford who said, “Go for it”.  They didn’t wait for permission, or special fees to pay to develop an awesome car, they just did it!  AND LOOK AT IT!maxresdefault

Car guys are awesome.  I would like to be more of one.

Oh, funny story.  Tavarish has merch he sells, one T-shirt being the word “Warranty” with a circle crossed out over it (“No Warranty”).  I got one because I thought that the EV project is just like that, garage built by car guys with no warranty needed!  And in blue, Mel’s favorite color!  Photo on 7-19-18 at 9.42 AM

Yeah, she hates the shirt.

After getting it, though, I thought it awesome because I also don’t have a warranty, especially with ALS, so I find the shirt doubly awesome!

Car guys are awesome!





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