Lourdes Reunion

Yesterday we went to the Franciscan Monastery in DC for the annual Lourdes pilgrimage reunion.  It was so awesome to fellow malades from the trip and the local Knights and Dames of Malta that could make it!

Like every SMoM event, there is a schedule and food!  We started at 0830 in the courtyard, and Mel and all the kids were there to meet the special people that came to Lourdes with us!  It was so good to see Frs Fisher, Drummond and Juan, Laura, Terry, Gabby, Susan, Gayle, Sue and Sean and kids, Kathy and her family, Daniel and his family, Joan, Jeff, Dr Young, and everyone that I missed and can’t remember!

And to those that weren’t there: Mary, Gil, Robert, Kathleen, the Finks, the Sweeneys, the Johnsons, the McGarrys, Len, Richard, Fr. Stephen, Rick, Susan, Ave, Jean, Alice… and more, and that’s just the GOLD team!  I miss you all and want to have a drink with you all again!  (Alice, you and I have unfinished business!)

Croissant anyone??
Altar at the monastery – the 12 apostles on the pillars


Fr Fisher explained that they laid this piece a real snake went on it.  Thus a very real image of Our Lady with the snake at her feet.


Everyone loves Fr Fisher
Family favorite
Laura, pay attention!!
My girls, and Gayle, Susan, and Laura – GOLD team angels!
Lourdes weather, as well!



What an amazing time, and great memories of the holy time at Lourdes!

2 thoughts on “Lourdes Reunion”

  1. What?! I’m pretty sure I was looking something up for you so I was paying attention to your desire for info! 🙂
    It was wonderful getting to meet your beautiful children!


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