What’s the worst that can happen?

I often say that phrase, when thinking about plane crashes or drug side effects or car accidents.  It is a very selfish phrase because it assumes only about me – I’m already dying, what could be worse?

Well, I found out.

Truth is, I can barely get dressed anymore by myself.  I can’t make food or cut food, and soon I won’t be able to drive or walk or go to the bathroom by myself.  The only way I’m able to function is by those around me, and first and foremost and the one that means the most to me is my wife, Melanie.IMG_4538

Mel is my hero.  I had a post about it a while ago.  She does everything for our family, and I’ll get all mushy and say how much I love her and can’t live without her, not even joking about literally.  Well, I have to share some family news.  The worst thing that could happen is Mel getting sick, and, well, that’s kind of happened.

Over the course of this year, Mel’s had a ton of stress and largely thought any symptoms she was having were a result of that.  But this month her back was hurting in a new way, so she went to get checked out.  An ultrasound and CT later, and 3 different docs, they found a large mass in her pelvic area.  Sizes vary – softball, cantaloupe, basketball, beachball (ok no it’s not that big I just put that in for humor).  Giving some history – Mel’s Mom died of ovarian cancer in 2008, and this is most likely around that area for Mel.  So we are concerned!

But, Dr Bicher at Fairfax says that there are more positive signs than negative: meaning that of the three potential scenarios, signs point to “not cancer” or at least “not an aggressive form of cancer” (what she called borderline).  So it’s either a basketball cyst, borderline which would require no chemo, or more serious which would require chemo.  We won’t know until the surgery itself.  But, Mel went to Lourdes with me and I’m confident that Mama Mary is watching over her with this!

The surgery will be on Friday, 3 August.  Not sure what time yet, but it’ll be a 2-3 day stay because this is a basketball.  Recovery will be about 6 weeks.

I’d appreciate prayers for Mel and the kids (we’ve told them Mel will be having surgery), but they’ve been through a lot.  And I’m 100% useless!

I love you, Mel!


19 thoughts on “What’s the worst that can happen?”

  1. There really aren’t words… but extra prayers coming right up! Just tonight as we listed our intentions before the rosary several listed you. One was Mr. Gregory, one was Joe Gregory and another started to say your name and suddenly realized you had been mentioned a couple times but just shrugged and asked for you again! Mrs. Gregory moving up the list!


  2. This is very dear to my heart – I will be praying and offering up as much as I can for Mel , and youJoe, and your family , especially during the next 2 months. August 3rd – it will be at the center of my prayer. God’s peace to you all.


  3. Praying for the best outcome and a quick and easy recovery for Melanie. Will hold you all in my prayers, especially in the next few weeks. Let me know if I can help in any way from the medical angle.


  4. While we believe that God does not inflict illness, injury, or tragedy “on purpose”, there is no doubt that some people get more than their share of obstacles to surmount. God does promise that he will walk with on us on the path. I am reminded of my favorite psalm which happened to be quoted in Mass on Sunday, “…e’en though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I will fear no evil for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me; I will fear no evil…” May God walk with you and carry you sometimes. How wonderful that you have friends who care and pray for your family and that you too believe in the power of their prayers, and the comfort they can provide.


  5. Storming heaven at the Bartnicks . . . . . God is trusting you with amazing things and our prayer is to lift you up so that you are his witnesses in all. Prayer also for the kids . . . and your keeping an amazing sense of humor and good will which it seems you have. If there are any special intercessors you are praying through let us all know! Blessings immeasurable for your entire family!


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