A second Happy Thanksgiving!

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Joe, under the name of Sanders

I went from not knowing if I would be posting, to needing to share Thanks for all the good things that you all have done.


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I have to be thankful to God, who gave me this condition, and made it possible for me to see more of the wonderful people surrounding us, and for giving me the strength to bear with him in this.  Because it’s about getting to heaven!

I am thankful for my family, who is slowly becoming accustomed to slowing down to help me with getting dressed, eating, driving anywhere, getting ready, translating, cleaning, shaving,… Image may contain: 6 people, people smiling, people sitting and shoesI can go on.  Beyond what Mel does, which is heroically her purgatory here on earth, the kids are also very quick to help, and they help for stuff you wouldn’t think, like lifting my arm up so I can lower myself into bed, or getting the door opened up for me.  Jack is always quick to grab me a beer when I need one, and they are all quick with a hug!

This extends to my parents, siblings and in laws as well.  Always around, always willing to selflessly help out.  Babysit the kids?  Have us over?  Help with car stuff?  Road trips?  Cargo lifting?  Bringing food and drinks over?  Making sure I’m ok when I’m home alone?  Bringing me out for beer?  Chimay Bleue (Blue Cap) | Belgian Beer | Beer TourismJoining me in the hospital when I am getting infusions?  Offering covert and much needed advice on offering it up?  Taking Mel on a much needed weekend?  And more?  Yeah, that’s my family.

Oh, but there are more family connections!  Jack, Andrea, Lynn, Henry, Mr and Mrs Z, ALL selflessly gave their time and talent and treasure to build the EV, model number JG1 but still unnamed.  And Dan and Lauren took care of Mel, and ferried parts back and forth.  I’m forever in their debt!

Sneak peak!

On the note of the EV, Timmy, Lynn, Tim, Scott, Rick, and everyone who make the EV a reality!

Then there is this community.  Holy cow!

A major part of Catholic social teaching is the principle of subsidarity.  This is the system where things get done or supported at the most local level.  With the Internet, local level can be global, as I have found!  The community that has supported us during this time is incredible.  Work colleagues and friends here in DC area, St Louis, and overseas, NC, FL etc.  My family and friends, my Church community, my classmates, parents of the children in school with mine  Sending us to Disney,  Donating equipment and Isabella the wheelchair, going to walks in the mud and cold, throwing a party, helping me keep a job, being my friends, donating to our medical fund, and and and!  Subsidarity is you guys, all helping us, with donations and dinners, and especially your prayers!

Seriously, we would not be here without your prayers and support.

And to the friends we made through Fr Al, and Lourdes, and this blog, and all yall out there whom I haven’t met, thank you!

If we start writing down one thing a day that we are thankful for, I think we would find how good we have it.  I have the privileged position of being dependent on so many others, and I have an overabundance of things to be thankful for.  So much that if I didn’t mention you in this post, I am sorry, I am praying for all of you, and thank you all so much!

2 thoughts on “A second Happy Thanksgiving!”

  1. Happy Thanksgiving to all of you as well Joe! You are an inspiration to us all and I am so thankful that I had the privilege of meeting you in Lourdes! Our prayers are in abundance for you, Mel and the family! God Bless



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