Crime Spree!

A lighter topic, for uplifting notes!

I want to share with you all some of the uplifting things that happen, and some hodgepodge of events that are going on.  It’s not all caviar and champagne, ya know!

So, first of all the EV is ON the pallet, about to be shipped.  I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it.  I still need a name.  The romantic in me wanted to name it Arabella, after Captain Blood’sCaptain Blood by [Sabatini, Rafael] ship in the book of the same name by Rafael Sabatini.  Which, by the way, is a must read for boys.  Must. Read.  But copying it might not be the best for me.

Think then of an elegant, aggressive name that is pleasing to say AND hear!  This is important!

Next, I went out last night.  I also stayed up past my bedtime.  Truth be told I didn’t go very far, nor did I do anything untoward, but I was out.  In the garage of Tim and Jen Spicer, watching them keg home brew.  Minimum alcohol pricing proposal in UK prompts home ...I have a good thing to say about Manassas, we have an awesome home brew culture and store, over by All Saints!  But I also just enjoyed the company and getting physically outside the house.  Mel made me wear a mickey blanket though.  The worst part was the commute home.  I had to literally drive across the street to get home, and Isabella has no lights.  Man, what a commute!  We chatted about kids, religion, orthodox priests, and more.  A good time!

Lastly, the title of the blog.  That is right, I’m on a crime spree.

Not only did I stay out past my bedtime, I also showered.Beer, Memes, and Shower: Wife: We should
 renovate the bathroom,
 any ideas?
Home reno inspiration right here.  I know, the Feds are going to get me, I showered a day early!  I don’t care, call the ALS police all you want.  I needed a shower, and I got one.  Some laws are immoral, ok?

Remember, kids, if you aren’t careful you could end up thinking like me.  To your great pleasure and chagrin of those around you!

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