Pret-Tee Awesome (pt 1)

ChristmasMy nephew has a penchant for decorating his dorm room.  It’s pretty solid, I’m not gonna lie.  But his dad has outdone him, in MY house!  Ha!

I mentioned the many much things that were going on this past weekend.  Well, it might not have an inflatable Christmas tree, but this is something spectacular.  Come with me, down the rabbit hole!

It began, as most things do, as a failure.  We couldn’t install what we needed,stairlift and had to decide on what kind of major construction we would need in our house.  For those unaware, ALS requires a lot of assistance, shower, bathroom, stairs, bed, etc.  And a lot of things we take for granted are big inconveniences or even problems, like door thresholds, shower doors, and toilet lids.  It’s why, on my darker days, I wonder if I should just go to a nursing home to be out of the way.

But that isn’t how Joey thinks, no, and he began a months long out of the box design process that is culminating as I type this.  He and I often bounce ideas back and forth, but this is genius.

It’s an elevator, for me and the wheelchair.  A flippin ELEVATOR!

Oh, that’s not all, either.  But let’s talk about the elevator first.

Custom built, custom designed, custom installed, and humbling.  So humbling.  I have many prayers to pray for all of them and you, Reader-land.  I can’t even write this with dry eyes.

It runs from my office to the bedroom, straight up, steel and wood construction, of the best quality.  We have to move the furniture around a bit, but I will be able to just drive in, go up and down, and not have to transfer to different chairs, or hold on for the stairlift thing.  Really cool.

So, I will share the pictures and descriptions of this part one.  Any questions, ask away!

Luke wanted to watch
But they closed the door, so he looked underneath!
Where am I going to find a globe border again?!
The window was an excellent pass through.
Down to the studs, and the support studs are in!


I thought we were cutting the hole over there???
Too late now?  Our bedroom is ruined!
No, it’s actually raised the value!
I had my hard hat on, and yes please this is Superintend?
Studs for the shaft in the upstairs



No big deal, just building over a hole he could fall down at any moment…
Doot dee doo… He’s awesome!
Frame complete, the box thing at the top is to hold Busty the winch

The craftsmanship is The Pinnacle.

Drywalld off to keep anyone from falling
Every good Superintendent is sitting, with a coffee. We think I filled that role admirably

The NEXT thing is the custom wheelchair van mat that Joey installed for me.  If you search for these, you won’t find anything that fits.  Yet again, a disability group that is getting shafted.  The first attempt got torn up by the high torque and heavy wheel spinning.  I went to a new company, got a new one, and Joey was able to cut it to fit, and anchor it down.  Pret-tee awesome.

Then, the EV is on its way!!!!! Monday!  And there will be a yuge post about this, maybe even a couple drag races, an unboxing, maybe some Top Gear style videography, you know, minor stuff.  This is exciting!!!!

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