ALS Humor

I’m in a terrible mood, and I know it’s because I’m so connected to the news and social media. But instead of that negativity, I’m going to share some of the ALS humor Mel and I go through daily.

Because life is beautiful, and Facebook sucks.

When someone tells you they be right back. I’m like…

I’ll be right here!

Every night, you get a little punch drunk. Every night, Mel makes some joke that I have to laugh at, and I start drooling all over myself. Oh, it’s a theme though. Luke is especially hilarious at night, running around screaming “I am da Flash”, no clothes on, making up new things he has to do before getting dressed. It gets so bad I nearly fall over, just from him talking!

Feeding tube humor. Trust me, every sound, every food you put in, is an opportunity.

The moment you realize the wheelchair can be used as a time out chair… For ME!

When your emotion meds are wearing off, and you can’t talk from laughing so hard.

That moment when you take a drink right when Mel makes a joke at the dinner table and you spray beer everywhere.

Funny mistranslations.

When every conversation becomes Charades.

When your youngest is out of diapers and you’re about to be in them!

What my wheelchair REALLY looks like…

When people call me on the phone and have no idea what I’m saying.

When you distract half the kids in Church driving the wheelchair .

When the last thing you are worried about is high cholesterol.

People cheer for you to gain weight.

“Daddy I have a cold!” Get the heck away from me, then!

When the sign of peace becomes the awkward fist bump of peace.

Not needing dress shoes.

When a giant sneeze clears a three day booger you couldn’t get out… Onto your shirt.

These are some of the funnier points of ALS. I’m sure I’ll have more. My favorite is seeing kids smile when I smile and wave from the Lively.
I know they want to have one of them, too! 

This show was awesome!

Be excellent to each other.

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