Slow motion

The Last Great Newspaper Comic

I may have touched on this before, but it bears repeating.

One of the HARDEST things that I have to deal with now is speed. You know, the thing I feel a need for?  Well I am slow.  My spirit animal isn’t just a sloth, it bloody forgot to wake up from hibernation!  I am talking SLOW! flash-zootopia-gif-5.gif

All this means is that poor Mel has to have extra time to get everyone plus me ready, every day.  That is a lot of work, and it doesn’t help that I am more and more immobile.

But, she helps me, even when it is hard. I love Mel.

But everybody talks and moves so darn fast, you guys don’t even realize it!  You are turning around, talking to three different people, walking to and fro, I really didn’t think it was like that until I was trapped in a sloth body.  It really is true, we all are zipping around, all the time.  There is an inappropriate video for a made up energy drink called Powerthirst, (parents, don’t let your kids watch, inappropriate language), but there is a hilarious part where they say;

“You’ll be going so fast Mother Nature will be like ‘Ssllooooooowwww dooooowwwnnn!‘”

Which, by the way, still makes me laugh, ten years after I first heard it.  Thanks, Morgan!

We all need to slow down.  Wait, no.  All Y’ALL need to slow down, I’m already slow!

And now you know why I wanted Lively to be fast, just to keep up!



2 thoughts on “Slow motion”

  1. Love that sloth! So it’s hard to take in all the fast conversations? Do you ever watch The Flash—doesn’t he see the world in slow motion? I’m


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