ALS problems

Happy feast of St Joseph!

Let me share!

So, Reader-land, after a delicious dinner of spicy Chipotle steak, on this solemnity, I wanted to celebrate the important day by having a Westvleteren beer.  This beer is brewed by Trappist monks in Belgium and has been rated as the best beer in the world. download

I’m here to tell you, it really is!  It’s effervescent and tasty, and has hints of the finest cognac while having the tongue feel of the best champagne.  It truly is the greatest beer I’ve ever had, if not the best beer in the world!

The problem is, it’s really strong!

That means my already unstable ALS body is not equipped to handle the added strain of unsteadiness that the beer has caused.  Not drunkenness, because I am writing this sober, but definitely a sense of lightheadedness that is not conducive to staying upright with ALS.


I know this is silly, but I’m sharing.  In the meantime, support the Trappist monks, buy Trappist beer! 



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