Sports update!

It was time for a light-hearted post because I am sharing too much personal stuff lately.  Unless you want me to discuss the mundane day to day stuff.

First off, the Sumo tournament is ten days in.  Remember, every other Screenshot-2019-03-20-at-22.02.24month there is a fifteen day tournament.  Right now, the Yokozuna is winning, ten wins, no losses.  But there are people in the hunt with only one loss!  Remember, Reader-land, the wrestler with the most wins out of fifteen, wins.  So go watch, it’s silly and fascinating!

In other sports I follow, my Formula team Williams is not doing so well.  Last place at the Australian grand prix, and some internal turmoil.  F1 Grand Prix of AustraliaMercedes is winning already, with Ferrari and Red Bull close behind.  I’m a Ferrari fan, and Jack is a Red Bull fan, so we join in on cheering against Mercedes!  And cheering for Williams, and the American team Haas, even though they blocked my email and won’t sponsor my chair… Anyway, the next race is Bahrain, in a week and a half.  On the ESPN network, record it.  March 24.

As an added bonus, Formula 2 kicks off in Bahrain Mick Schumachertoo!  First race of the season, and for this one you don’t have an option.  You must cheer for Mick Schumacher, the son of Michael, who wears the number 9 this year.  You aren’t jumping on a bandwagon, it’s his first year in Formula 2.  You can catch it on ESPN three, online.

In other news, Formula E this Some race in China.  There are several pushes in China to build electric cars, and they have several teams in the Formula, and they will want to show strong.  But the American teams need to show, and Audi needs to show too.  I know a lot of people don’t like the lack of sound in FE, but I enjoy the electric whines and clicking and such.  I enjoy it on Lively, so I enjoy it on the cars.  Plus it is a little bit like Mario Kart!daniel-abt-audi-sport-abt-scha

Come on Formula E, you need my chair to give you more publicity!  I’m available!

This is on the Fox Sports networks, record it!

Ok, Reader-land, there is your update!  I occasionally watch other sports, but I follow real sport, not that overpriced stuff that is on TV all the time!!

Go fast!


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