I don’t mean to brag…

But I got flowers.  Did you?

Ok, in reality, I got more than that.  I just want to highlight the generosity and kindness of some of our neighbors, who will remain nameless to protect my freeloading!

So yesterday, our Neighbors came by, and like almost every week they brought us dinner.  I’ll get to that in a minute.  Mr and Mrs Neighbors came in the pouring rain, and stayed for a while to chat.  But before chatting, Mrs Neighbors brought a tiny clay jug, and it was filled with blue and purple flowers.  She put it on my desk, telling me that she wanted me to be able to look at something that was alive!

Ok, so jokes aside, I’ve posted about emotions and stuff before.  Let me explain why this tiny gesture means so much.  Without realizing it, Mrs Neighbors encapsulated my message of humanity.  I know they are praying for me, and she went out of her way to bring something beautiful into my life.  A simple jug of flowers.  Add in that I can no longer pick flowers, or get onto my deck, or get to the backyard without assistance, this humbles me and I am so grateful that out of no reason, she thought of me.

The other cool parts are that the clay jug reminds me of special days in Spain, when we would celebrate, they put the good wine into a clay jug!  download (3)Also, blue/purple flowers are rare in nature, which is why the color purple was for royalty, it was so expensive!  So Ha!  My favorite scent is a rose, but I love purple and blue flowers!

Lest I forget, Mr Neighbors was so considerate and kind!  After dropping off food he and I chatted for a good while.  I say we, but really he had to carry the conversation because I can’t really talk, and he was waiting so patiently for me to get my sentences out, and making sure he understood me!  When you do that for me, you are showing that you care about my humanity and self to engage in that dialogue!  It’s so humbling!

And dinner was delicious!  With help, I had pesto noodles which I love pesto!  And also arguably the greatest food ever invented by man.  What do you think it is?  No, you will never guess, I’ll tell you.  Garlic Bread. download (1)

Yup, it’s the best.  I have a love affair with garlic going back to the Spain days, and if they come out and say garlic causes ALS I’d say nice knowing you!  The flavor!  Combined with oil or butter and spices on top of soft toasted bread?!?!?  Oh man.  I can’t eat bread anymore, especially not toasted, but Mel gave me a bite, and it took ten minutes to eat but they were delicious minutes!!

So yeah, out of the generosity of their hearts, they made me cry.  Thanks a lot!

6 thoughts on “I don’t mean to brag…”

  1. You have some amazingly wonderful neighbors who have been examples of true Christian charity and love for so long now! I see them at church and get all weepy at their care for my beloved brother, and Melanie and children . I am so glad they hit an extra special home run for you! God bless them all!


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