Positive progress!

Like I said, Reader-land, I am sharing some good news, because even though I can’t lift my cup anymore, there are positive updates!

Of course, I am still sick, and there are no current chances at right to try.  But, to alleviate some of my day to day issues, I am going to physical therapy.

The last time I had PT was for my Achilles, and my goodness the cure was worse than the illness!  She was in there breaking up scar tissue and getting my ankle flexing correctly, darnit, or I wasn’t leaving!  While I am grateful that my ankle works properly, I am more grateful the current sessions are for my hamstring pain.

Today was my second visit.  The first went really well, with stretches and then a pressure relief thing where he pushed a certain way on the muscle in various places, causing pain but creating relief right after, and generally since the pain has been less.  This is a good thing, thank you, Martha. download (1)

Today was the second visit.   And, uh, today we didn’t start with stretches, we started with dry needling.  Do you know what that is?  It’s like acupuncture with electricity.  It’s like Frankenstein on my leg.  It’s alive!  It’s aliiiiive!!!  Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! download

Yall know how much I love needles, right?  So I am lying there, back to the doctor, staring at the wall, and he tells me what it is going to feel like.  I’m thinking, Oh, great, I’m gonna pass out again!  Because you don’t TELL me what is going to happen so I can stress about it!IMG_8715

Ok, in all seriousness, I kept my focus, and only whimpered once when he was on a nerve.  Do you know how?  The booger in my nose that was giving me a nose whistle.  Oh, laugh up all you want, that booger kept me from passing out!  I almost started whistling Bugs Bunny. download (2)

Then he hooked up electrodes to the needles and I was Frankensteins monster for twenty minutes.  More pressure release, more electro stim, and I can honestly say that I don’t have pain in my left hamstring now.  I’m sure it will come back, but the PT is working!

A corollary.  Does anyone else have a dog that sleeps on or near your legs? Because I can’t move at night to get comfortable now!

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