Odds and ends update

Happy Easter, Reader-land!  I hope the weekend was good, you got a double post from me!  Way hey hey!

img_4008I had a fabulous time on Holy Saturday, had an early egg hunt with the cousins, wrote a post and listened to my favorite podcast, then spent Easter Sunday with my family!  Which was EXHAUSTING!

I’m not complaining, I just can’t keep up with the high energy conversations that my family is good at.  I’m becoming a beloved Carthusian, albeit more unwilling than I thought!  Silence is HARD!

And some had left! 

Also, 0730 mass was slammed.  Again, I’m not complaining, because I also got to receive Our Lord first, because Fr Noah went to the back, and I also want to see MORE people at mass every week, but it was slammed.

I have good news from last week and this that I will try to share tomorrow evening.  I’ve got bad news I’ll share now… I can’t lift the Starbucks cup anymore.  I know, I’m devastated too!  I’m currently trying to solve the issue with a well-placed handle, but it may be fruitless.  What the issue is that I can’t lift my left arm without my right, and I can’t drink if I can’t stabilize the cup.  Catch 22, which is a fun but misunderstood phrase.

Did you guys know I have a Stat tracker on my blog?  I can see how many views per day, etc, but I can also see from where!  That is a cool feature, to see what countries people are reading!  Now, Vatican City hasn’t registered yet but when it does I’ll put a big banner about read by the pope or something.  Just today there was someone in Finland!  Finland!!!  I KNOW!  Kimi Raikkonen reads my blog!! download (2)

All jokes aside, it’s so cool to see all the countries!

Next up is… The Azerbaijan Grand Prix!  It’s been exciting the last two years and I am hoping it is again, because the race in China was boring.  Like really boring.  Worse than Nascar. download

Coming soon, some positive news and then a throwback to a holy man and friend, a special request from Mrs Neighbors!

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