Status update time!

Cue the music!  Lights!  The smells of leather and rich mahogany!  Welcome to another discourse on my status.

I have three unfinished posts, one on our bathroom, one on heaven, and one on the beautiful week I had last week with Fr John.  But they remain unfinished for a good reason!

I have gas.

Yes, Reader-land, I am not able to focus on higher things partly because of the bubbling that is happening in my stomach, which I can’t get rid of.  It’s a hard thing, sitting in a weird position all day, and let me just say that walking around a building would be a welcome relief, if you know what I mean.  I’m just saying that the building I worked in had long corridors, if you get my drift. hooold.jpg

Ok, in other news, it’s a lot harder to make a response with my voice.  It wasn’t easy before but with my head flopping all around, I have to move it to a specific position to even respond.  It’s exhausting.  And Tobii isn’t quick enough.  If Mel asks me if I’m ok, and I try to respond with Tobii, she’ll think I’m dead!  So I am taking to grunts, and also groans, to rapidly communicate.  So far, so good.  Communication is another problem area though, as I can not type fast enough to keep up with conversations.  I have to choose short broken English to quickly reply, or just be rude and put my full sentence response and speak it two minutes after the conversation moved on.  Not ideal. flash-zootopia-gif-5

My segue into this next one is based on communication.  My legs and neck are getting weaker, making it more difficult to type at my desk.  Of course, I have a mount for Tobii on Rocinante, but the hidden secret there is that even though I am forced to use it to get into Luke’s room, Rocinante actually hurts to sit in.  It hurts my legs, my neck, and my breathing.  The truth is that after Hopkins got their hands on it I can’t get it comfortable enough.  I know, I am complaining, and I will confess.  But Rocinante will not solve my neck problem. headmaster-collar-size

No, the solution is Lively.  I have to tell you, the seat is reclining at the perfect angle where I am not choking on my own saliva, yet also far enough back that I can rest my head.  Since Joey helped modify the armrest for my reduced mobility, I am completely comfortable.  I almost can, ok I have, fallen asleep in mass in Lively, she’s so comfortable.  Providentially, I get to sit next to Mr. Westoff in the back and he keeps me in line.  I have a mount for Tobii but we have to get creative to install it, and then it will have to be removable to get in the car.  I think that will help with the neck, and allow increased posting, because that is also keeping me away.  The only problem is that it doesn’t fit in Luke’s doorway.  Oh, no standard doorways in my house!  In and out of my bedroom no problem, but Luke’s doorway is smaller. *

Overall health, I’m the same, but weaker.  That is the crux of it all, the legs, breathing, and the neck.  I’m brooding about deep things, but otherwise I’m right as the mail.

I got a sweet Darth Vader shirt, and I am Luke’s favorite when I wear it.  But only when I wear it!

And with the complaining done, Reader-land, I bid you adieu, and may the scent of leather and rich mahogany follow you the rest of the day!

download (4)

*You may be wondering why this is a big deal.  Well, I have one job I can do, and that is stay with Luke until he falls asleep.  I’ve been doing it since we moved in, and I treasure hearing him talk about anything.  It saves Mel from doing it, and if we don’t do it, he will get up and run around all night.  Eventually he’ll grow out of it, but I like to think that I am making memories with him, and he might remember them fondly when I’m gone.

2 thoughts on “Status update time!”

  1. thanks for the status. And we would be remiss if we didn’t throw your wonderful seamstress an “atta boy” for sewing the cover for your new armrest. Jenn did a wonderful job and made it so much better than I could ever dream of.


  2. I actually read the Ben Franklin fart essay a couple years ago while visiting a friend up in Boston – best, and might I add, most artistic thing I saw while up there.
    Thanks for the “complaints”; made my day – sitting here in an empty classroom at the end of a Friday at school, it segued me into the weekend perfectly; now I’m off to watch a bunch of kids swing dance better than I ever could…only I have no excuse except lack of talent!
    You’re awesome!


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