Kanye West

Mel has suggested I write this, and I wanted to specifically write this after I wrote the last post about Fr James Martin, SJ.  The reason?  Contrast.

56190488I never ever ever listened to Kanye before.  I don’t do rap.  Well, maybe soft rap.  He was way beyond soft rap though, and then he had the whole “Imma let choo  finish” bit that upset Taylor Swift, and then he had a breakdown, and was bankrupt I think.  It was a lot happening to him.

Then, he married Kim Kardashian, and I don’t… I just don’t, ok?  I have issues with the lady. kanye-west-jesus-is-king-album-release-date

Then he came out for Trump, he got pilloried by the left., and everyone thought he was either crazy or it was a publicity stunt.  But he’s kept it up for three years, which is forever in the entertainment industry.  Even represented on the Kardashian show, and don’t ask me how I know.

Then last month he dropped his new album, Jesus is King.  I think everyone was surprised, and then an alarmking trend started.  “Do you think it will last?  We’ll see if it sticks.  I don’t know if it is real. ” Etc.

What the actual eff?

Let’s start with this.  In Kanyes public platform, he is repudiating his past, which he describes as sinful, and he is boldly saying in public truths of the faith that many bishops aren’t saying.  Dress modestly, don’t fornicate, porn is an addiction that drags you down into dark places, abortion is wrong, it’s immoral, kids are a blessing.  He’s not coming on EWTN to butter up Fr Mitch!  He’s talking on TV to his friends who disagree with him!  And he’s not backing down or sugar-coating anything.

Contrast to the last post, where bishops and priests are so afraid of losing political power that they refuse to bear witness to the Faith that they are entrusted to defend.  Let this sink in.  Kanye West is being more Catholic than the successors to the apostles, and many priests, including Fr Martin.  And the reaction is to act like a pharisee?  To stand and condemn Jesus because He ate with sinners? Kanye-West-Big-Boy-Video

Kanye is doing what Jesus commanded, repent and believe in the Gospel.  He’s rejecting his former actions.  For the people who don’t get it, if Joe frikken Biden does what Kanye is doing, then he would be allowed to receive communion!!  This is the message of the Gospels, and that is being in communion.

Fr Mike Schmitz, who is awesome, has a video about public conversion.  It’s hard.  And he’s going to fall, we all do.  To hold Kanye up as a saint, that isn’t wise.  He’s human and we all fail, and if we are rejecting him at the beginning, when he falls there will be no one to help him up.  And that is what Christianity does.

I bought his album. It’s really good. And I am going to pray for him, because he needs it.  Especially because his past will try to drag him back down.  And if I ever meet him I will hug my brother in Christ.

But think about the witness that he’s giving that many of our clergy aren’t!  Are we brave enough to do the same?

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