Abortion, again

To my friend, Nicola, and to my pro-abortion friends and family.  You know who you are.

I have been accused of being a forced-birther, that if a woman gets pregnant, for whatever reason, she does not have the right to kill that tiny human.  Guilty.  That woman’s rights end where the life of another begins.  It is why murder is wrong morally and legally.  The absolute worst argument in response is the unscientific and laughable statement that it’s not a person yet, or that his value is less because he’s dependent on the mother and she’s isn’t consenting to have the baby in her uterus.  For the first argument, check your science because you are wrong, and two, apply that argument to day to day life.  I’m dependent on someone else, if she doesn’t consent, can she kill me?  why, or why not?

The best argument I have heard is of pregnancy-related death, which the CDC describes ,  “A pregnancy-related death is defined as the death of a woman during pregnancy or within one year of the end of pregnancy from a pregnancy complication, a chain of events initiated by pregnancy, or the aggravation of an unrelated condition by the physiologic effects of pregnancy.” I’d like to add, not a psychological cause.  The argument that these women should be able to abort to save their lives is moving, and here I caveat that ectopic pregnancy is a case here and the principle of double effect applies.  Why should these women die? pregnant-gty-jef-180517_hpMain_4x3_992

Then I saw the statistics.  Let me run some numbers for you.  In the US, the last recorded number of abortions in a year was 2015, with the CDC reporting that  638,169 Legal abortions were reported to them.  Planned Parenthood reported doing 332,757 abortions in 2018.  Unfortunately, I have no correlating datasets, but let’s go with 2018, it’s the smaller number.  Of those, Guttmacher Institute says about half were unplanned and a little less than half were on birth control when they got pregnant.  Ok.  Then I saw this article on ABC.  3 in 5 pregnancy-related deaths can be prevented !  I thought, awesome, that takes a lot of that argument away!  Then I saw the kicker.  700.  700 pregnancy-related deaths a year.  That is 1 death for every 475 babies aborted, using the planned parenthood number from last year.

That brings up the philosophical question, is one mom worth 475 babies?  And if you can save 3 in 5, that reduces it even more, right?  So I don’t know how to do this part, but say divide 700 by 3, you get 233 repeating.  That becomes 1 death for every 1428 babies aborted.  That is roughly the adult seating capacity of All Saints Church.  Because of those numbers, I am much less moved by the argument that all abortions should be legal to save the life of a very very very small number of pregnancy-related deaths.  You are going beyond devaluing a class of person, you are committing genocide! download (2)

Before you come at me and say there would be more deaths without abortions, let me respond by saying more women will die in a car crash than from pregnancy-related deaths.  In 2017, 5151 females died while driving in a car crash.  Not counting passengers or pedestrians etc.  This statistic makes me want to argue with People who are concerned about mothers dying that they need to be more concerned about the traffic fatalities, if they care about women so much.  Especially when they reference how I must not really care about the kids because Flint, Michigan.

My point is obvious.  We are allowing the slaughter of human beings for what?  You tell me why!?!?!  I want you to say it, loud, and be proud about why you want to keep slaughtering humans!  There should be nothing for you to be ashamed of!  If you are afraid to boldly say why, maybe you should check why you are reticent.  And if you are honest with yourself, and really want to talk, I and others will gladly be here for you.  I only yell when people disregard all things with fingers in their ears.

The numbers are scary though.  These numbers, if I have my maths even close, indicate a wanton disregard for human life.  So, from 1970 to 2015, the CDC reports 45,789,558 abortions in the US.  Millions.  And that is reported, surgical or clinical procedure abortions.  I want to put this in perspective.  Wikipedia says that,

“Jews were targeted for extermination as part of a larger event during the Holocaust era, in which Germany and its collaborators persecuted and murdered other groups, including Slavs (chiefly ethnic PolesSoviet prisoners of war, and Soviet citizens), the Roma, the “incurably sick”political and religious dissenters such as communists and Jehovah’s Witnesses, and gay men.[d] Taking into account all the victims of Nazi persecution, the death toll rises to 17 million.[3]”

6 million Jews, and they have a museum in DC to make sure it never happens again.  And taking into account all of the victims?  Well, almost triple the total number of victims have been aborted.  Almost triple.  And that is just in the US.

You can argue that they aren’t people yet, that legally they aren’t people till they are born, but that philosophy brought you the original Holocaust, where the Jews were subhuman.  You can say that the baby is a parasite but you can’t explain why the human body is built to reproduce in exactly a symbiotic, not parasitic, relationship.  You can say that some women just don’t want to be mothers, and I will say some men just don’t want to deal with other people, it doesn’t make it OK to kill what you don’t want to deal with!  The science, philosophy, and morality are against you.  Even the statistics don’t support your argument.

So let’s talk about the real reasons.  The ones you don’t want to admit or deal with, because otherwise, it’s all a lie.


17 thoughts on “Abortion, again”

    1. Well as I don’t know the specifics of what why and who, I can only answer how I would to my two daughters. Talk to someone. Talk to me. Don’t try to hide for fear of what I might say, because everyone makes mistakes. Don’t cover up bad judgment with worse. by doing that we will work together to address what is best for BOTH of you, adoption, school, etc . Without killing anyone. We have family members who can’t have children, friends, etc. Bless their lives or someone like them instead of killing a baby .
      That is what I would have said to my daughters if they tell me they are pregnant. If she didn’t have anyone to turn to in the family, then I would hope that a quick online search for pro life pregnancy help, like Choice 4 2, would help her decision. Too often our schools and doctors immediately advocate the death sentence for that baby.
      And to anyone who has had an abortion, well how do you feel, better or worse ? Were you aware of all the biological affects of pregnancy and abortion ? Did the clinic help with it, or take the money and move on to the next patient? There are many people to talk to, and I might not be the best, but I know there is healing and understanding.


  1. Her dad drove her to the abortion clinic. He knew she would live in poverty, be undereducated, he couldn’t count on family as there wasn’t much left. Too many kids age out unadopted. A mom must sacrifice her life for her children, and 13 was just too young to put her through that. The 13 year old was here, the fetus was not.


    1. wow, all that he knew at thirteen? Well he clearly didn’t understand that there are thousands of couples on waiting lists to adopt a baby just like hers. Ever see the movie Juno? And I would also say that it sounds more like he was trying to control her life. What was her choice? You have to understand, foster care isn’t the same thing, the goal of foster care is to reunite the child with the family. Adoption at birth, there are so many people waiting, and they would also be willing to pay the medical bills.
      was that even discussed? Was it, if she can’t keep the baby then no one can? rather kill someone than allow other to have joy? That’s bad parenting.
      You will be surprised how many successful women have had unplanned babies, and aren’t uneducated or poor. MTV is not an accurate representation of the real world.
      Lastly, science says you’re wrong. The fetus is There once the fetus is There. It can’t be anything other than a baby.


      1. The odds of them having the cash needed for any option was as likely as being zapped by lightning. That part of town was low income and poverty-stricken single moms were high.


      2. I am pretty sure you don’t have to pay to give the baby up for adoption. Again, Juno. But I do know that you have to pay for an abortion. Normally around $300 and more the later you wait. That still doesn’t make it OK to kill the baby because it may cause problems. I’m looking as a dad, what that dad did to his daughter and grandkid is terrible. I can only guess the first solution for any problems would be to just get rid of it? Which is what PP says. No, there really are wonderful people out there, not me, I’m a jerk, but wonderful people who do help!


      3. Adoption/foster kids aren’t always adopted. Most prefer biokids. I met a special needs young adult who aged out of the system and was turned over to state care because his seizures proved too much for his caregiver and he still has no family as his biological family abused and neglected him. Why haven’t you adopted? Fostered?


      4. because I am actively dying of ALS at 36 years old. I can’t be a candidate for foster care. My wife and I have discussed and agreed to adopt if the case of someone like your friend’s ever came up. We have a tight knit, far ranging community. The ALS precludes us from adopting.
        and I say again, is killing a human the right answer to some children not being adopted? Really, you want to go with killing as a solution? The blog gives you the numbers and stats, the science is obvious. It’s not ok to kill someone to do what you want, or to get rid of a problem. The argument that she might have ended up poor or uneducated isn’t a reason to kill someone. And with so many options out there, there is no reason to.


      5. I’m sorry. Life is unfair like that. That’s this world. Stillbirths, birth defects, accidents, diseases. Not everyone who can be born is, not everyone who is born lives long enough to grow up. Not everyone gets to grow old. 20 years ago, a father’s love chose his 13 year old daughter.


      6. No, he didn’t show her love. I’m sorry, you don’t say you love someone then do forcible damage to kill their children. He chose to have his grandchild killed. All of those scenarios you just wrote, they were given a chance. I’m not sorry I have ALS because my life has value beyond my health, everyone does. The people who won’t give a chance to a baby in the womb don’t believe that lives matter. My miscarried son had a chance. I have a chance. That baby you say was killed out of love, never got a chance, did she ?


      7. Her chances mattered most to him. She was 13. She had two futures before her, one of them was of struggling and the other had open possibilities.


      8. You didn’t answer me. Every time I mentioned adoption you blew it off. Was it even considered? Because the answer that killing babies to solve a problem and give a chance to someone speaks volumes. You are saying every person who was adopted, or any child born in poverty for that matter, are better off dead. Your worldview isn’t compatible with life. I don’t think I have even heard of animals killing their kids in utero or after they were born to give themselves a chance.
        Was and is adoption an option? Or is the baby not alive to you?


      9. You obviously have never seen the documentaries I have where a horse will kill her newborn that can’t walk rather than have it eaten by some predator. Nature is viscious like that. I was an outside observer, you seek information I do not have to give you – she didn’t tell me everything.


      10. well I would love to see that. And if you believe a human is the same as a horse then your worldview is very different and incompatible with life.
        you also give information as if you were in the know, at least you have made statements that indicates that.
        If you agree with abortions then speak up, I would love to talk. Even if I am a jerk, I’m still trying to give out objective facts and my opinions. The scenario you told me about, you asked what would I do and I told you. Now it’s on to if there can be healing and understanding of how the human reproduction system works instead of ignoring it and killing tiny humans.


    1. Thank you, Rachel! I am a bit ham handed writing about it because I am passionate about it. But it has to be said out loud, I believe. I hope so anyway


      1. It does and it’s hard not to be passionate about it once you understand what is actually taking place. I would like to challenge all those who argue for abortion to open their hearts and watch the movie “unplanned”.

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