It’s been one week…

If you don’t know that song, you are too young.  And if you do know that song, you’re welcome.

Some say there is a part in the song where in the background you here a “woo!”, which is when the bassist got shocked, and they left it in.knowing

Now that we have covered chikety china, the Chinese chicken, let’s get down to tacks of brass.  Let’s do a roundup!

I’ve been brooding.  I’m like the emo poster boy of bad music and angsty tweens.  I brooded all week and weekend, which is common for me after 9-11, actually.  So much of my life is wrapped up in the consequences of that day.  Actually, I think it’s been around half my life now.  So I get broody.  And a real grump.  And emotional.  Add in the more recent Benghazi stuff and it is more.

I can be dark and brooding! 

Here’s a question.  Why are we still in Afghanistan?  I keep getting reports of heroes dying.  It’s been eighteen years, we haven’t won because politicians, let’s get out.  If they attack anyone again we can go in and kick their ass properly, like we should have done the first time.

Second question.  How come Catholics continue to forget the words of Jesus?  This week I had one group that I like talk about the destruction of the church from within, and misrepresent doctrinal truths, then another person claim that a schismatic group was right, and another acting like it was all over until ad orientem came back.  And these are Catholics who believe in the True Presence!  What the heck…

First of all, God said that the gates of hell shall not prevail.  And then he said the Holy Spirit is real.  Ergo, either both are true, or both are false.  Then, Paul lays it thick on the Corinthians when he calls them out for following certain human church leaders.  He may be preachy, Jess, but he nails it with, Is Christ divided?  Did X person die for your sins?  HELL NO!  And I can’t be the only student of Hahn who thinks Catholics need to read the bible!  Lastly, duh, the church is not meant to be an earthly temporal power.  The post-Christian era is here and the church will lose much, but it will be strengthened in faith. download

You want me to get started on abortion again?  I had a drawn-out discussion with someone who basically says men have no say, ever, and they have to pay, too.  Aside from the morality of it, I take the secular Dave Chappelle view, my money my choice.  After using every single pro-abortion argument that supports that viewpoint, because I followed the logical progression, I was told I was still wrong because choice is only for women.  So we are beyond rights or logic or science, it’s just only the woman’s right because she’s woman.  Which is feeling, not fact. What a messed up world.

Then, you know it’s been on over a year since Mel’s cancer and surgery?  (Mel will downplay it to say it was just borderline, but I know better!)  Yeah, it just snuck past me, so wrapped up with my own problems.  I am incredibly blessed that God gave me Mel.  And thank God she gets my humor, as we make irreverent ALS jokes all the time!  But I am going to say this.  Mel does absolutely everything in the family, kids, cleaning, everything.  Holding my arms so I can pick my nose.  Giving me showers, eating, turning in bed, transferring me from wheelchair to anywhere and back.  She’s grown muscles I’ve lost from lifting me up.  She adds time to her day to make up for what I can’t do, and loses her own time to do it.  Yes, I add at least a half-hour to every outing, and Mel handles it with grace and irreverent jokes.  If we died at the same time, she’d go to heaven first.

There are happy thoughts in the brooding, too.  Aside from thinking about Mel, I mean.  My friend, Fr John Blewett, came down from Wisconsin to visit.  I haven’t seen him since I got kicked out of Shoreless Lake School, and he obviously didn’t!  I keep in touch with them because I owe them so much as I explained in my previous post.  Fr John is saying mass tonight for us at Seton, and I am honored!

Frankly I haven’t been wanting to post.  Obviously, I am not looking at things that make me laugh and spread joy, so why should I depress you all?  I mean, puns are one thing but I keep getting embroiled in deep thoughts, and my Ego wants to solve them!  And no one wants to read that.

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