It’s been one week…

If you don’t know that song, you are too young.  And if you do know that song, you’re welcome.

Some say there is a part in the song where in the background you here a “woo!”, which is when the bassist got shocked, and they left it in.knowing Continue reading “It’s been one week…”

Raising men, not soyboys.

Behold my vice, Reader-land!  I watch too much YouTube!  Instead of devoting my free time to prayer, I watch YouTube.  But the Spirit works in many ways.  This time by a recommended video that reminds me of my youth with Dad. Continue reading “Raising men, not soyboys.”

Fireside chat

j-r-r-tolkienReader-land, I want you to imagine it’s evening, there is a roaring fire in the hearth, and we are all comfortable.  We have our favorite drinks and pipes and snacks, and we are enjoying each other’s company, I am in a leather armchair, and I am about to tell you a tale. Continue reading “Fireside chat”