Means punk, thug, hooligan, in Spanish.  I have been a punk lately, and I just thought I would share.  A sort of “Sorry for the delayed reply” to you, Reader-land, because you are worth it!

To start off, I haven’t felt like writing.  I don’t get out much, and the humor inherent in human nature is removed.  Sure, I could talk about how I slipped slowly, oh so slowly, down the wheelchair until I was sitting on the footrests and Mel was wondering what to.  But that would cause family members to worry and I don’t need that.  Mel is Wonder Woman, and was easily able to get me in the chair. source

I could write about Luke calling me old, but we knew that already.  I could write about the Nationals winning the pennant.  In fact, here’s the aside, you don’t say they are going to the world series, you say they won the pennant.  The first implies a small accomplishment, while the latter denotes how big of a deal it is.  Do you remember the famous radio call, “The Giants win the pennant! The Giants win the pennant! “?  They got beat by the Yankees in the world series.  But you don’t remember that, because it’s a huge deal then and now to have outlasted every other team in the league.  Only in baseball.

But I don’t want to write about that stuff.  I have been immersed in writing thank you notes to people, reading what I can, and unfortunately seeing the news.  Idolatry at the synod dominates Catholic news, which I covered already.  Political things which I avoid on this blog I posted on Facebook and made people upset, then I made it worse by also getting upset.  Abortion news, well you all know how I feel about that.  There ain’t that much happy stuff going on, and sometimes being stuck at home magnifies the bad.img_3856

But I’m reading Don Quixote, and other things to help me avoid the negative.  Erin VW gave me an awesome book that helps in times like these.  Project Guttenberg is a great resource for old books.  And I have been trying to focus better.  Sitting in front of a computer is not a traditional way of doing it but it is what I can do!  I’m nursing chest congestion and worrying about my soul, and I just haven’t wanted to write.

I have ideas, but they usually are just virtue signaling and someone smarter than me said it better already.  And like I said, I don’t have funny stories to share with you.

So I leave you with this figurine, which is similar to the one we had in New Jersey. download

7 thoughts on “Gamberro”

  1. Speaking of baseball, back in 2014 you and I had a gentleman’s wager on whether the Nationals would win 100 games that year. You told me “that’s a lot of games”, but I was convinced that they could do it. Come to think of it, as we got into September that year, I promised to go to Mass if we got into the playoffs. They did, I went to my first Mass in three years, and they lost the NLDS to the Giants. I blame you. 🙂


  2. Agree with DEIDREMCC. Do it, Joe, even if you think other people already said this that or the other thing, or said it better. We’ll all be the beneficiaries of your journey. You want that, don’t you?


    1. I know my mom had someone working on it for my family, but I don’t know about beyond that. I am more than happy to have someone come and do this, but, uh, I pretty much defer till I am dead, unless Mel wants me to.


  3. Joe,my name is Denise, the mother in law of your dearest friend Mary.My heart went out to you as I read your Chronicals and especially this morning as I was meditating on the Hours of the Passion by Luisa Piccarreta, the little daughter of the Divine Will. She had a first grade education and was very poor but Jesus chose herto teach her about the Our Father,the only prayer that He gave us while on earth.With a first grade education she wrote 36 volumes on the Our Father. She was bed ridden for over 35 yearsas Jesus wanted to keep her all to Himself. Would you be willing to have Fr.Melmer come over and pray over you with a relic of Luisa and bless you with Luisa’s oil.If it is God’s Will,may you be healed.Please let me know if it’s OK to contact F.Melmer and I will call my friend Sandy Vera who is the coordinator of our little group
    Ray’s of Light Divine Will to contact Fr.Melmer.Please know that you are in my prayers, All for the Greater Glory of God, Fiat,Denise

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    1. Mrs Heisler, I think we have met before, when I was seven or eight, and we drove up and met you at your house in Maine. You had all the Asterix comics and I was enthralled. I don’t remember much else from the trip though, you will have to forgive me! I have heard of Louisa before, from Julianne Voth, but I have not explored more because I am lazy and easily distracted! I love Fr Melmer and we miss him at all Saints! As to visits, we have to plan them well in advance, so I can be ready and also not surprise Mel!!


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