Choose your Adventure!

SupergirlbookRemember those books?  We had one about Supergirl when I was young.  Of course, I thought she was pretty.  Let’s just get out there that I find women attractive and it started at an early age!  But I am not writing about that.

I don’t have any funny stories or humor right now, I am still fighting chest congestion and a fear of getting sick that I have stayed home from mass the last two rainy Sundays.  I don’t like it.

But what I do have is a very specific set of skills that I have honed over years, skills that make me a terror to readers like you.  I am giving you, Reader-Reader-land, the ability to choose your own adventure down the road rabbit hole.

Much like in those books, you have a limited number of options for each scenario. I am doing the same here.  These are the options for you to decide on the next blog, and unfortunately they are all very long.

800px-Barcelona_bombing_(1938)Option 1. The current political situation and the historical situation I think it resembles, or echoes.  In the interest of fairness, you all know that I am an old fashioned practicing Catholic.  I hold eternal principles higher than any political party and I will vote for first principles before any other platform.  This gives me the opportunity to see that both sides err, and even church officials.  If you pick this one, be forewarned.

Option 2.  Pachamama statues and what the big deal was.  This is thanks to the Lanky Guys podcast for giving us context of the old Testament is in history.  Why was there such a big deal about wooden statues when protestants already accuse Catholics of worshiping statues?  We have statues all over the place, in church, in public, I have some right here in my office!

Option 3.  The recent atheist book for kids, and included, the recent Fr James Martin kerfuffle.  The two go hand in hand. I don’t really like this one because it is virtue signaling, but it is on the brain.

Option 4. Another Sacrament.  There are six left, I already did Reconciliation.

Option 5.  Because I am a benevolent blogmaster, mostly, I will let you write in something of your own choosing.


You must write a comment on the blog, not on Facebook, for your vote to count.

You may only vote once.  But you can also upvote someone writing in something, again one time.

Voting ends the midnight of Monday.

may the odds be ever in your favor.

14 thoughts on “Choose your Adventure!”

  1. Hi Joe,
    The “current political situation” gets my vote athough all the options (James Martin😱, the pope before a pagan “earth mother” statue), are all interesting! You have an amazing breadth of knowledge and think about things from such an orthodox Catholic perspective – how about doing ALL of them – little by little. But door #1 gets my vote!!!!!


  2. option 2 wins with 5 votes, options 1 and 3 in second place with 3 each. In third is married and women priests.

    I could only count the first option anyone wrote, and only one person upvoted someone else.


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