Captain’s log, Stardate 45793 getting into personal life, I’ve always preferred Jean – Luc Picard of the USS Enterprise over any other captain.  End of story.

Like Picard, I also have my share of problems.  Thank goodness Whoopi isn’t in this episode!  But I’m going to be vulnerable and share some stuff I’m going through. Continue reading “Captain’s log, Stardate 45793”

For safety, of course

So, after the last post, by crazy random happenstance, happenstanceI may have been able to reach out to a company that MIGHT be able to make a prototype of my device.  And let blatantly say it now, I want a racing Hans device. I would wear the helmet too, but that would be RIDICULOUS.   But, I am still looking at head safety. Continue reading “For safety, of course”