How’ve you been?

IMG_3288Recently someone remarked that my blog has gone on to religious topics, and how was I doing?  And I said to myself, “Self, they are right, I’ve done a really bad job documenting this time in between!”  So thank you for keeping me in line, and here’s what’s been going on!

As well a special thanks to everyone who has been helping us, family and in-laws, parents and friends.  I’d name you all but I don’t want to leave anyone out.

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Wheelchair Update, and questions?

Wheelchair no, strike that.  We are gonna call it an ELECTRIC VEHICLE.

Jack Z is amazing.  He’s taken an idea and is making it a reality, dealing with ME and my incompetencies and engineering his own solutions to problems!  I’d like to share them and ask you all what you think about some things. Continue reading “Wheelchair Update, and questions?”