What’s in the box?

With all the construction, I haven’t been able to update you all on the awesome news.

Open the box!  Open the box!!!!

But first, another interlude…..

Ok, Ok, Ok!

Introducing, the finest Electric Vehicle… In the world.giphy.gif

Jack Zedek Racing (JZR) custom design, the model JG1.  Named, the Lively.

13mph top speed on the flats, cornering lightly and quickly, and a power to weight ratio of what I imagine is equal to a Lamborghini Aventador SVJ!  Or something similar.

The unboxing, which I have a video of

But that is just the beginning.  The Lively boasts lithium iron phosphate batteries (LiFePO4),

The battery pack

not lead gel or nickel cadmium or even lithium ion.  No, LiFePO4 batteries are used in RC planes, and other things, they are super light, and when combined into a battery pack allow for higher voltage output and greater power supply.  Think high speed, long distance.  I’m not even sure how far or how long it will go, but estimated at thirty miles before needing a recharge.  That means that if I don’t have to, I could skip charging it!  For a few days!

Special charging procedures, and it looks awesome from behind too!

Lively also boasts a Roboteqimg_3281 control board, which works around the proprietary software and hardware links in regular wheelchairs.  That’s right, looking at you, Permobil and Quantum Mobility and Quickie!  Of course, that means a custom script must be written for it, and any error could be disastrous.  But truly a unique product!  Lenny wrote it for people who wanted to use this kind of platform, and as a prototype and not routine program, it’s incredible!

img_3280One of the unseen beautiful craftsmanship elements of the Lively are the wheel hubs.  I had to buy go kart rims for the rear tires, and the spacing isn’t the same for the rims and the motors.  So Jack designed and had made some BEAUTIFUL adapter hubs, which no one will see… But now you know they are there and of the finest craftsmanship!  I will find the drawings and share!

But wait, Reader-land, there is more!  Those giant tires, all those batteries, doesn’t it weigh a bunch?  Nope, Reader-land, it weighs less than half of my other unnamed wheelchair, and bounces around a lot less too!  Joey and Andrew, who has a bad knee, were able to lift it up by themselves.  Like 150 pounds!

Also, before I go any further, the paint job.  Oh my, the paint job!  Again, this is something to be seen in person, but the white is a pearlescent, img_3714and it just pops in the light.  I mean, it makes it look fast just SITTING there!  Then the black is a gloss metallic that highlights the white and blue of the frame and harness.  Sparco R100 seat, six point harness.  I am not going anywhere!giphy2A lot of inspiration comes from  He’s a paraplegic engineer, and had gone through the initial problem.  But, the Lively is really a unique product, because the motors, controller, battery, seat, footrest, they are all unique even though based around the concept from Burgerman.  And, to that effect, the people who made it possible…

Jack Zedek, who forever will give his name as the head of enterprise who reached out to me first, volunteered to build it, then worked hard for over half a year on it, two states away!  Timmy Tyrell,  who offered help from here in VA, with materials like the seat, harness, wiring harness, battery expertise, knowledge, friends, prayers, and general awesomeness!  Henry, supplying the electrical expertise, figuring out batteries and chargers and hookups!  Scott, who was helping Jack as well in the evenings with the motors!  Mr and Mrs Zedek who got the beautiful hubs and shipping!  And Lynn and Tim for being major sponsors!

The best Christmas present, don’t you think?!?!
Truth is, it was cold!!  First test drive!
I don’t know if you can see it, but I’m smiling so big!

There is also the joystick pod.  Now, if you remember, the whole concept of Lively is around like an awesome race car.  My favorite team is Williams, and their colors are mostly white and blue.  We were going to go with Ferrari red, because we had a tan seat.  When we got the Sparco, my concept went to Lamborghini.  With the joystick, I asked Jack to make it like an aluminum gated shifter, because we all know that is how cars are supposed to work.  He did AWESOME!  I also commissioned a small business up in Jersey that does metal work, to make me an aluminum Lamborghini Miura shift knob. I am quite pleased!!

Luke the Duke approves, which means it is AWESOME

Of course, now I can share the censored elevator videos, which I think you will find cool!

We took about two weeks to get Lively out and about, because of weather and other stuff.  But, with Andy’s help this weekend, we were able to get her out, into the Van, and to Mass!  And Fr Noah was there to bless her!  Only the most important thing!

Family, Friends, and Fr Noah gathered round Lively to bless her and keep me safe… As my dad said, under forty five mph!

And AGAIN, thanks to Andy and Elena, with some fear and trepidation I am able to bring Lively into the family room, down the ramp!  And I’m afraid of falling, so yeah it’s with trepidation!

Truly though, this… Is the greatest wheelchair or Electric Vehicle….


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