Part 3, or what happens when I’m off my meds

I’m going to commission a stained glass window at All Saints, Antique Church Stained Glass Windowabove the entrance on the side with the wheelchair ramps.  It’ll be me in my wheelchair, the EV, as the patron of the disabled in the parish.  We’ll have it up in a few months, no big deal.  I  think it will really capture my humility.

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A thought experiment on Veterans Day, part 3

It’s funny to me, how emotional I get around Veterans Day.  I can’t justify it beyond the people I have already talked about, or that I have worked with, or like my friend Mary’s husband Joe, who is a great guy whom I’ve never met but has an awesome family, and a great name, too.  And in America, Veterans Day is to honor and celebrate these very special people, so I hope we don’t forget it.

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